…knowledgeable on industry standards and requirements…extensive background in the safety industry, multiple certifications, and great working relationship with the Fire Department allow Susan to offer unsurpassed services...
(Azzurra, Marina del Rey)


…some of the residents are deaf and use American Sign Language, and many of the rest of the residents use spoken Korean as their primary language. Susan enthusiastically worked side by side with our language interpreters during the resident training meetings…the best training we’ve received...
(Caring Housing Ministries, Koreatown Los Angeles)


…costs are reasonable and training is professional ...
(The Californian, Westwood)


…hands on presenters make compliance very easy to understand and retain...
(Millennium Biltmore, Downtown Los Angeles)


…tremendous help in training tenants and implementing an emergency system that works...
(Realtech, Mid Wilshire)

Building Inventory Forms (BIF)

The Los Angeles Fire Department (L.A.F.D.) mandate for Building Inventory Forms became effective August 3, 2010. Known as "BIF" these plans take on average 80 – 150 combined hours of on site survey and in-house drafting to produce new digital plans of sprinkler systems, stairwells, elevators, lobby and typical floors showing all pertinent information related to firefighter access and controls. “As Built” drawings are useful as reference, however are not accepted in lieu of the new specifications and these plans must be designed in accord with new specifications in digital format with new identification symbols and color codes.  The purpose of these plans is to make readily available visual data for incoming fire companies responding to emergency calls.

One set of the BIF plans is required in the Fire Control Room and shall be plasticized and mounted under a sign titled “Building Inventory Forms,” a secondary set shall be housed in all three hard copies of the building Emergency Procedure Manual under the Building Systems section, and a third digital copy shall be submitted to the Los Angeles Fire Department’s High Rise Unit.  The Fire Safety Director shall review the content with the assistance of the Building Engineer or a qualified individual with knowledge of EACH SYSTEM to verify accuracy and sign every form stating they have completed the verification process. In addition, every form shall bear the name and L.A.F.D. BIF Authorization Number of the person who approved the form.

Universal Safety USA is the premier consulting firm licensed by the LA.F.D. to develop BIF plans as well as approve them under Authorization Number #0005.

Building Inventory Forms List